life is the state that follows birth, and precedes death
life is the state of being alive and living
life is a period of time
- the period during which one (a person, an animal, a plant, a star) is alive
life is a worthwhile existence
it is the span of time during which an object operates
it is the period of time during which an object is recognizable
it is in the world in general; existence
its informal meaning is social life
in video games, life is one of the player’s chances to play and it is lost when a mistake is made

at some point of the lecture you had fallen asleep
and I felt a bit disappointed
i had expected some gratitude

an expectation is the prospect of the future
it is the grounds upon which
something excellent is expected to occur
it is the act or state of expecting
or looking forward to an event as about to happen

when it is dark outside and lights are on
and then at that very moment when the lights are switched off
suddenly the darkness becomes so deep that it feels that one is invisible
like one would blend with the darkness somehow
at that moment everything seems possible
then after a few seconds the spell of the darkness is gone and you are visible again
in nighttime, everything seems different
words have more meaning - senses are more sensible
in nighttime all the plans are made
in the morning they’re cancelled
an absurdity is a thing that is extremely unreasonable
so as to be foolish or not taken seriously
or the state of being so
out of tune

a story is a report of connected events
a story is presented in a sequence of written or spoken words
and /or still or moving images
evidence strongly suggests that humans in all cultures
come to cast their own identity in some sort of narrative form
stories exist somewhere between fiction and truth,
everywhere and nowhere
why death is the natural end of the story?
it is to give value to life

Story & design: Minna-Kaisa Kallinen
Programming: Hermanni Keko
Music credits:
A Rescue from the absurd - made by Minna-Kaisa Kallinen, except the beat which is from ’Don’t kill the animals’, made by Nina Hagen & Lene Lovitch
Apples and plastic bags - made by Maanalle (Minna-Kaisa Kallinen & Juuso Paaso) except the opening song ’La Giara di Gesturi’ made by Gigi Masin
Mountain - made by Minna-Kaisa Kallinen, except the beat made by Samuli Tanner

Life is not a story has been supported by Arts Promotion Center Finland


there is an anticipated result, which guides reaction
16.28 the kitchen light is on
a system envisioned
16.29 the kitchen light is off
an assumed development
i remember that
ain’t no mountain high enough
red and blue neon light says “las vegas”
the production and the marketing seems to be in order
16.34 the kitchen light is on
a desired end-point
but what if
but what kind
of course i have worries
move, crumple and dive
of course i have goals
i move, i crumple and i dive
it is said that: “ain’t no mountain high enough”
ain’t no mountain high enough

i move my hips
i move my hands
i move my head
i move my whole body
i fall
the conceptual meaning is still there
i smile
i move my hips
i move my hands
i move my head
they form a unity, an assembly
where they stick together, fight for their existence
but if they hesitate
a total exhaustion
all the things we are taught
told even
what does it mean?
if you cry
if you stay still
or if you move
if you resist
it is ok


my father has always been a good storyteller
he has lived a rich life, so to speak, so he has a lot of material
one of my favourite stories is the one where he goes to somalia
he goes there to solve a problem of his three sunken ships
the story has a lot of dimensions
there are the sunken ships and the crew, who fortunately survived
there is the consul who turns out to be a periodical drinker
and this two-week time that my father was with him at somalia was one of the periods
there is the head of the police who my father pays off to get the captain out of jail
there are many flips and turns, but in the end everything goes well
it has a happy ending
the crew gets back home
the captain gets out of jail
the head of the police gets some money
the consul doesn’t get himself killed
and my father, he has everything solved

i send a letter to a professor
i want to know about goals and nature
he says that nature doesn’t have a goal
later he corrects that it is the question of the evolution
to what kind of types organisms develop
the best adaption wins in a long run, he says
every creature aims to maximize reproduction in a way or another

yet humans live from the nature
a part from the humankind have lost the connection

as you may know
if a city is abandoned
the nature takes it over in twenty years

at the age of 16
when my father went to work as a sailor for the first time
he said to his mother:
“i will send a postcard from every harbor we go to”
he didn’t sent any
after six months he comes back home
of course his mother is angry and demands an explanation
my father says:
“i wasn’t in any trouble, everything was fine”